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non-ferrous magnet

Originally Posted by Dingus View Post
You seem to say that about a lot of things. I've seen so few attempts at replicating the devices I could count them all on one hand & all of them have been somewhat successful. The device itself isn't even remotely new.

It wouldn't work on bismuth, it'd only repel it.
I'm going to have to stop your disinformation right here.

1. Do NOT speak for me or put words into my mouth. It has clearly been stated from the beginning that Jeff's uncle was involved with this many years ago (common sense it isn't new) and our goal is to put it on the map. You are fabricating and falsifying the idea that we claim it is something new - we NEVER said that - you did!

2. Disrespecting Jeff's presentation by posting a link to an old website discussing a non-ferrous magnet is low class. Especially when the premise of your post is to prove that it isn't something new - something only which you claimed we said, when we never did. That is disinformation.

3. There is and has been widespread interest in this method of attracting non-ferrous metals with a magnet and so far, any information online has been mostly useless to the general public and we are going to change that. Out of all the years the non-ferrous magnet has existed and you claim you can count all replications on one hand proves my point. The difference between how you and I look at this is that I will be able to fill a large room with those who replicated it.

4. Those who use our material will have a greater understanding about it because our material is designed to accomplish that - very simple. Furthermore, all you know about this is what may have been in the public - you evidently have no idea what the ultimate evolution of this technology is and neither will anyone else that reads antiquated and worthless websites that have done nothing most. And, those people will not know that they will give themselves leukemia. Go ahead and teach people how to hurt themselves - but don't do it here.
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