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Originally Posted by Sputins View Post
In previous years Yaro (and some others) wrote some brief comments or review of the ESTC event, which were great for those who couldn’t attend to read.

Has anyone so far written any reviews or comments of the 2017 ESTC event? I would guess there will be photo’s too? I look forward to seeing them.
Many thanks!

I guess I'll step up for a synopsis:

Initially the conference felt a lot quieter than previous. With Bedini passing and Eric Dollard having medical issues and not being able to make it, there was an awkward silence in rooms that were normally filled with technical and spiritual ponderings of these great inventors. Nevertheless, we tried to carry the torch and continue to share ideas and work with what we were provided. Eric's lecture was on a related tangent via prerecorded video from the previous month.

There's always an interesting mix of people that show up to the conference.
You get a mix of scientists, engineers, businessmen, inventors, and a lot of who you'd best describe as students (or cheerleaders?). These people are there to listen and learn something amazing, that skips just past the edge of normal. I won't spoil the ratios, suffice to say that if you've actually built something here, you may find yourself teaching as much as you are learning.

In a lot of ways, the speakers are cut from the same cloth. You get the academic scientist approaching overunity from a mathematical standpoint (Robert Haralick), the engineers (Babcock, Moe), the businessmen (Jenkins), the inventors (Dollard, Robitaille), and the students (Miller, etc).

It depends what your goals and interests are, but if you're purchasing videos, I would personally stay focused on the presenters that do their best to bridge the gap between woo-woo and normal science, to use principles and theories and measurements and analogies. Buzzwords like 'resonance','scalar waves','harmonics','magnetohydrodynamics' might indeed by real, but without additional context or explanation, they are often interchangable with the word 'magic'.

Aaron did an amazing job getting everything together, and is getting a lot better at presenting (I think hanging out with Eric Dollard is starting to rub off of on him ). I liked Aaron's 'hacking the aether'. Much like some of Peter Lindeman's videos, he provides an excellent conceptual framework to start from when designing and building our devices. Talking about the concepts that drive *all* of the real cool toys and not just a few.

The presentations are only the tip of the iceberg. Chatting or just listening into ponderings from the more wise knowledgeable inventors that will tell one-on-one a lot more about what's going on behind the scenes than they'll tell an anonymous online audience. And often give you ideas to keep you busy for years. My apologies to those who couldn't make it, at least we have these forums to work with.

The only part I wish was better is that there were more machinists, engineers, tinkerers, and inventors there that would continue lines of study and actually build some devices of their own. Much like the bodybuilders wanting to lift 500lbs in 3 weeks, many there want the cliff's notes version and leave out the hard work and study. In many ways, Energeticforum and OU fall into the same trap, with 40 pages of arguments that could have been answered with one simple experiment.

That aside, the energy there is incredible, the open-minded sharing and conversation that is often lacking in a scientific setting. When I get back, it always feels like I was there for 2 weeks.
Anyway, here's hoping someone takes the epiphanies, runs with them, and builds something really cool this year

(Hope that helps. Feel free to ask me about any specific presentations, I can probably add some more details if needed)
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