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I FINALLY tested the new coil today. It solved all the issues I was having and still retained the benefits of speeding up under load and reducing the amp draw under load. So no self induction of the coils (Lenz) to impede the motor and no magnetic drag of the iron cores to impede the motor. The motor HAULS ASS.

I typed out a long sob story of what I have been through to get to where I am now, but that stuff doesn't mean anything to anybody but my wife and I, so I will save it for the book they write about my life when I become famous.

This works guys. It just plain works. 257 volts at 2.4 amps per coil pair. Six coil pair. It runs on just under 800 watts right now, which will be reduced when I make my next bunch of modifications. How much, I have no idea. But with the 3 battery circuit I can recover better than 80% of the input power, which gives me a COP>22 or MORE right NOW. Who knows what it will be when I make the changes. I hope it is better, but I intend to go to smaller magnets, so the output may go down.

I'm going to have to wind all new coils for my big machine, but that's ok.

So who has money to buy this thing? Matt needs to retire from farming. My wife needs to retire too. Come on, cough it up. For 10 or 20 million the secret to free energy can be yours. With a discount coupon its only 19.95

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