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Originally Posted by Ufopolitics View Post
Hello Gambeir,

Excellent Book...isn't it?

Definitively two poles repulsion are two opposed vortexes facing each is PURE COMPRESSED ENERGY!

And since it is "compressed" within a REDUCED-CONSTRAINED SPACE, this FACT ALLOWS to manipulate it (Project it?) at DIFFERENT ANGLES and STILL generates SECONDARY VORTEXES at any other ferromagnetic a "core" and then that Energy could be transferred to a Coil wrapped around that core?

Absolutely true, then, all we need is TIME-SPACE DISPLACEMENT along that coil-core.

But I know you are more interested in Gravity than Energy...right?...

I will tell you a HUGE MISTAKE mankind has made related to "AIR LIFT" Craft Design...and even from the Air displacement based on simple Propulsion by propellers...having a CENTER AND NARROW, RESTRICTED SHAFT OR AXLE...KILLS the lift BALANCE AND HOVERING STABILITY of absolutely ANY EXISTING AIRCRAFT to the max CRITICAL possibilities.

But, hey...every Engine OR even an Electric Motor must have a CENTER SHAFT...right?...WRONG!!

Just look at a TYPICAL (not talking about Dual Opposed Rotor Craft, BUT Single Main Rotor)...then realize that in order to Fly that Machine, there must be a rear and ridiculous Long Tail Shaft, away as possible from main Engine, supporting a considerably small propeller (compared to Main Rotor one), just to "compensate" for every single change in Acceleration or Deceleration (Torque Vectors reversing Spin Directions)...You just stop that very small prop...and say goodbye to Hollywood...thing will fall down like an old typing machine from the 1800's.

And so...same way that the AIR PROPULSION LIFT is killed by a REDUCED, LIMITED, CENTER SMALL POINT OF ROTATION, called "shaft"...same WRONG APPROACH applies to your Magnetic Counter Spinning Vortexes on a Center Column Concepts trying to reach a GRAVITATIONAL LIFT.

In ANY Magnet...or Electromagnet...but referring strictly to its Magnetic Field, if we approach its PHYSICAL CENTER with any type of magnetic field strength a simple small cylinder magnet, hold in your hand...You will feel that as you approach its Center Magnetic Field EXHIBITS THE LESS FORCE. MEANING Magnets do not work based on a "CENTER SHAFT THEORY" for ROTATION OR VORTEXING.


HOWEVER, and as Ken wrote above...this is OUR SPATIAL feeling...BUT as we decrease "OUR SPATIAL" distance between two repulsing magnets, then, the BIGGER the COUNTERSPACE AREA We are creating, therefore, the bigger the DIELECTRIC FIELD.

And that was JUST about Lifting Stability Concepts...but there is MUCH more to it. And still...It has been "compressed"...


Thank you Ufopolitics.
I appreciate your directives; I am looking for perspectives and knowledge, and quite frankly your opinion's and thoughts are based on the empirical, tempered with age and long study. I value them quite highly. Now then, I'm just now starting to read Kens' book. I believe this will assist me a good deal along with your own video's. I have come a great distance but I have a long ways to go. Right now I'm also looking at the Ottis Carr OTC-X1/X2 Schematics & Information on the OTC-X1 | Clandestine Disclosure

There's a reason I am doing all this "insanity" by the way, because anyone who thinks that disclosure is a possibility just does not understand what they are dealing with. Power never gives up anything without receiving something in return. That's the world of psychopaths and criminals. That's how their minds work. They never ever do anything without a reason which is designed to be self serving. There's only two ways to disclosure. One is by sheer force, and the other is by solving this problem ourselves. There are no other possibilities.

I spent over a decade as a contract physical protection officer for gov-corp. No one in that criminally inclined collective is going to be handing anything over to the people of the United States unless it's either another tax, another violation of the Bills of Rights, or some other compulsory act of compulsory corporate communism. Next thing you know your kids won't be drafted into the military, but as service workers for Amazon. It's beginning to look like every elected official got their education from the North Korean's, possibly the Saudi's, because they evidently think their butts are golden and smell like roses by the way they willfully ignore the peoples' supreme laws.

So then what about Lockheed or Boeing? The only way that's happening is when there are people physically digging through archived records on rust disc's or something else hidden in some CEO's home vault, probably as protection/insurance material from the bilderbergs, but whoever finds it will probably be so brainwashed with the nonsense about UFO's that they will dismiss it as fantasy and toss it, and if they are dumb enough to go running off blabbering, then, they and the info will suddenly vanish. In short, disclosure is for people who believe Christ is coming. It's about as likely. It will be an absolute miracle if anything escapes the clutches of klepto-corporate deep state. This leaves us one choice. Solve this ourselves. It is that simple. There are no other realistic solutions. There is no help coming from anyone. Not from Gov-corp, not from private industry, not from the officially approved bastions of academia, who've been anything but helpful.

Really I can think of only three people who've brought us anything meaningful. They are Ottic Carr, Mark McCandlish, and Bob Lazar. Those three have at least given what they could, the best they could, and of course the deep state served them up to us as crackpots, wrecked their lives, and so there you have it. That's what you can expect helpwise. It's up to us folks. Wake up and smell the coffee. There's no Cavalry coming. It's either we solve this or they will destroy us all. It is that simple. Count on it. I know them well.

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