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Hey Everybody,

This is the first forum post I have made since I "retired" last December, so I'm just dropping in for a moment. I agree with everything Turion said in his post, but there is more. You all know I like to understand the history of things to create the most insightful context. So, even though Yaro made this presentation at the Conference, the unsung hero of the story is Aaron! Aaron asked Yaro to report on the ZFM replication project, and then arranged with Ronda for the release and publication of John's Lab Notes on this motor, which she graciously agreed to. Without Aaron's persistence, this material would not have been released at this time!

This presentation goes into the deep history of John's magnetic field model and shows many of the early designs for embodying these ideas. One drawing shows a date of 1978, much earlier than even I knew he was working on this. And that brings me to the model I built in 2002. For a long time, this was the only model of a motor that embodied the ZFM ideas, but after you see this film and John's Lab Notes, you'll know this is NOT the only way to take advantage of John's ideas. There are significant improvements to be made, and Turion says that he has already figured a few of them out, including increasing the torque produced and lowering the current required.

This is the ideal motor to drive a low-drag generator and create a self-sustaining combination. Support this work. Learn this material. Its important for our collective future!

Thank you, Aaron, for making this happen!!


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