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I have built several working versions of the Zero Force Motor and in discussing it with Peter Lindemann several months ago he told me I was one of the few people he had talked to who understood what John B was talking about and trying to accomplish with this motor. I am not here to promote books and videos, BUT, I have said many times on the forum, including just a few days ago, that I believe the Z Force Motor was the greatest gift John B gave us, and I bought this presentation because I wanted as much info about what John had going on in his head with regard to this motor as I can get, and I was not disappointed. Having the opportunity to read his notes on this motor was invaluable to me. I believe the problem with most of the builds I have seen on the internet has to do with timing, and for those who are having a problem with timing, it was made clear in this presentation.

A couple of us have been working for over a year now on ways to improve the torque of the motor without jeopardizing any of the things that make it special. And we have been scaling it up to see if the improved torque and size would be sufficient to run a lens free generator that would produce significant power. The answer to that question is yes. Because it can run at such high RPM's on NO amps, it is the perfect motor to run on the output coil of a generator and use it to power that same generator.

If you have built one, that should be obvious to you. If you HAVEN'T built one, get busy!

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