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Paul Babcock's 2017 Conference Presentation

Wow! It's been a long time since anyone has posted to this thread!

In appreciation of Paul Babcock's latest presentation at the Energy Science and Technology Conference (2017), I thought I'd post the link to the plans for the Lakhovsky MWO (Multiple Wave Oscillator).

Aaron was kind enough to send this link to me after the conference - so a big thank you to Aaron too!

The main link is MWO, and the "Secrets Revealed" tab talks about the main book.

Under the "Bioelectromagnetics" tab, they have a book that talks about how to use the machine, and results experienced.

I haven't found a link to purchase the book(s) on their site, but they do have an email there that someone will reply to, if you do wish to make a purchase. That email is


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