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Originally Posted by Allen Burgess View Post

I've been unable to recreate the effect. I inspected the original design very closely and noticed that the the plate picked up a very tiny magnet fragment.

I didn't spot it until afterwards. I'm sorry to report the findings are unreal as a result of this problem.
Thanks for the update Allen. However I'm still not clear on the magnets alignment when you did the experiment. I understand that it was diametrically polarized, but did you have the poles in the vertical or horizontal?

As to the evident change in the experiment.

First of all you're dealing with minute energies which makes pinning down issues difficult. Obviously a minute tiny magnetic particle could have been involved. I'm sure you've considered many things already so this isn't to suggest you haven't already considered the following, but posting these ideas since they follow what I now think the general working theory behind the ARV is. What I hypothesize is that either the plate or the bowl which covered the spinning magnet was carrying a charge. It could have been mere static and getting the charges to once more arrange themselves properly to repeat the effect is thus a complete crap shoot. A bowl, functioning as a dielectric (*lead crystal or quartz), and with an exterior charge field the same as the plate/target, could or should then be projected off the surface by the magnetic vortex of the spinning magnet. Since these are both carrying the same charges the results should be to repel the plate. This is what I think may have happened to begin with.

Shouldn't the magnetic flux field act as pathway for any electrical charge? Thus the magnetic field, which passes through most material, dictates that the charge on a surface could/should be projected by a spinning magnetic vortex. The entire purpose of spinning the magnet is to produce a means of projecting a magnetic field and thereby carry the field charge: Like charges repelling each other at the target. The issue seems to me, right now anyways, to be one of projecting the proper charge field from a dielectric charge fields by means of a magnetic vortex. The dielectric should act as a barrier to the opposing charge preventing it from passing and instead it is likely carried in the opposite direction by a counter vortex. It may well be that by shear luck your first experiments contained all the right ingredients. Seems like it to me right now.

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