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Originally Posted by ricards View Post
practical learning;

This "Phase Conjugate Electricity" or "Radiant Energy", "Dielectricity" etc.. has been a great way to actually learn the other side of electricity... one which deals more with Capacitors and not Magnets/Electromagnet/Magnetic fields.

with general knowledge of electromagnetism, One can easily infer that when Pulsing a capacitor through a Coil a "Magnetic Induction" is happening... I asked myself, If its really "Magnetic Induction" how come when I pulsed the same amount of Voltage & capacity Into both 200 Turn Coil and a 4000+ turn Coil, I get the same Output?.. Its as if the "Primary" no. of turn does not matter?.. my secondary is 20 turns, on a 200 Turn Primary and 4000+ turn Primary..
My output Only Increases If I Increase my Primary which charges the Capacitor thus having more pulses per second..
maybe its not "Magnetic Induction"... maybe its what Eric dollard calls "Dielectric Induction"..

Lets take a Tesla coil for example... 2 Turn Primary on the bottom off a 1000 Turn Secondary Cylindrical Coil... a 2 Turn Primary has very low Inductance.. I haven't tried running AC current on it.. and I doubt any sane person would try that.. as It is as good as a SHORT CIRCUIT.. the only ways I know to run a tesla coil is by capacitive discharge and Pulsed DC...
ok now lets apply what we have learned from tswift radiant energy school..
When a "Pulse" occurs on the Primary a current will flow.. a WEAK magnetic field is created.. aside from that now we know that the Secondary is Insulated from the Primary... This Pulse will be able to have an equal and opposite charge on the Secondary which is covered by the primary.. as If you look at it its actually like a CAPACITOR... now this Equal and Opposite charge only occurs in the portion of the area covered with the primary... we still have more turns of the primary that has no charge.. This "Pulled Charge" from somewhere will now try and Pull an Equal and Opposite charge again!.. on the next turn nearest to it.. which in turn generate an Equal and Opposite and Pull another.... and again and again till It reaches the top of the Secondary coil.. Its as if the Turns of the Secondary Coil are like Tiny Individual Capacitors that is connected in Series... its like +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-.. maybe the reason why it generate so much voltage...

this makes much more sense in thinking rather than thinking it as "Magnetic Induction".. because a small coil cannot generate a large magnetic field For flux lines to cut the top of the coil..

now according to don smith in some of his videos.. his device work in the same principle as a tesla coil. he pulses a few turn primary to a many turn secondary.. but instead of just having the primary in the bottom he had it on the middle.. and instead of grounding the bottom of the coil.. he grounded the middle of the secondary.. and put a resonant capacitor in the upper half of the coil trapping the energy generated bouncing back and forth at certain frequency.. while the other half is directly into a diode, into another bank of larger capacitor..
now we all know this.. as we have studied don's device for many time now.. what we don't know is this... (this is only a theory okay..)
Upon Each Pulse of don's device.. Its "Pulling" an equal and opposite charge to the ground... up into the coils.. and at the end of the pulse, that charge is dragged into the Oscillation of the resonant tank of the secondary.. adding to it.. and when the Larger capacitor bank has lesser voltage than the oscillation some of the charges will flow into the diode where it will be stored into the larger capacitor bank...

to sum it up unlike the "Hairpin" Configuration Don's device do not waste the pulse on the primary. instead he only transfers into the capacitor banks and drags the "pulled charge" into the oscillation he made.

again of course this is only a theory.. but think on the bright side.. making this kinds of theories.. were understanding electricity little by little..

this was posted in 06/02/2015 in the resonance energy device explained thread .

just to publish some interesting notes in Tesla patent named ART OF TRANSMITTING ELECTRICAL ENERGY THROUGH THE NATURAL MEDIUMS.

what i am focusing is the relation between the power amplification and the electromotive force produced, notice the following paragraph from the above Tesla patent :

some interesting facts have to be noticed here:

- the turns near the primary are subjected to strong inductive action and develop a high initial electromotive force, Tesla was interested in using stationary waves for special purposes include wireless power transmission, mutual induction is a weak point so he decided to use spiral form of coil C , this allow his stationary waves oscillator to work as expected.

in ordinary electromagnetic induction transformer the voltage developed is proportional to the mutual induction that relate the primary coil with the secondary coil, the primary drive the secondary but affected by it , in Tesla system he had to avoid such mutual induction to provide a free oscillation at the same time he was able to secure a strong inductive action by approaching the few turn primary coil wires to the outside secondary coil turns like to provide something like electrostatic induction, here there is a maximum capacity provided, in other words electrostatic induction works in perpendicular direction to the plane where electromagnetic induction take action :

the obtained power in the secondary system was amplified to very high level as we can read from Tesla words, this is another indication about the strange relation between the electromotive force produced and the power gained in electrostatic induction where it's not subject to Lenz's law, power conservation can't be applied to electrostatic induction system because it's an open system by its nature !

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