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Originally Posted by ricards View Post
... I asked myself, If its really "Magnetic Induction" how come when I pulsed the same amount of Voltage & capacity Into both 200 Turn Coil and a 4000+ turn Coil, I get the same Output?.. Its as if the "Primary" no. of turn does not matter?.. l
Hi ricards,

When using a voltage source to excite a coil, keeping the wire gauge the same, changing the number of turns does not affect the mmf (magnetic excitation). So it is not surprising to see the output unchanged when you alter turns.

Ampere-turns will remain constant with the same voltage applied to a coil of a particular wire gauge regardless of number of turns. Changing # of turns changes the resistance in proportion. This changes the current from the fixed voltage source. Consequently the product Amps * Turns remains the same and that is what the magnetic system sees.

It's counterintuitive but fact.

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