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Cost is only one reason I mentioned getting three 6 volt golf cart batteries. Using a DC to DC voltage controller, you can up the voltage if you want to. (although you don't need it because the modified Matt motor will run on 6 volts, slowly, but it will run. GOOD 6 volt deep cycle batteries are upwards of $100 each, so three of them will set you back a chunk, and you are FAR better off getting the 6 volt deep cycle golf cart batteries because of the QUALITY. They are made for this stuff. They are meant to be charged and recharged and charged and recharged. And when you put two in series you have 12 volts, so later on they are still completely practical if you move up to 12 volt potentials and can afford more batteries. I have over $2,000 invested in batteries and all the success I have had has been with the deep cycle 6 volt golf cart batteries. So I feel confident recommending them where I have NO experience with the other. I have used a TON of 12 volt auto batteries and garden batteries (250 amp hour) and they just do not perform like I want a battery to perform with this stuff.
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