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Originally Posted by boguslaw View Post
Please translate
Hey, good find! At first glance, this appears to be a granted Mexican patent to Don Smith that is essentially identical to the apparently never granted US patent application for Don's dipole generator, which is found in the "Resonance Energy Methods" booklet. My spanish isn't the greatest but the text seems to read basically the same. However, on a closer look it isn't identical. There are a couple of additional parts in the diagram (#18,19, and 21) that are not present on the diagram in "Resonance Energy Methods". The really interesting one is #21, which is apparently a small coil ("pequena bobina") with terminals ("con salidas"). It "que permite el generar electricidad para auto alimentar el invento", which I would translate as "which permits to generate electricity for automatically feeding the invention", or something kind of like that. Apparently it enables self-running. This definitely merits some further study, thanks! I don't suppose you uncovered any other foreign patents by Don?
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