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Originally Posted by telemachus View Post
Hi Allen,

I believe this is the video you're looking for?

The circuit and metal ball set-up was made by Jack, an inventor from Hawaii.
His Youtube channel has other interesting experiments.

Telemachus >>>Good Job! Thanks for finding that. Seeing is believing isn't it? That's some pretty interesting stuff going on there. I also want to forward a thought for others whom may be following this thread. The research done by Ufopolitics clearly shows the true magnetic flux field, the St. Clair Patents validate the ideas of flux fields being energies emitted from the Aether, or what some might call another dimension. The descriptions of abductees of the central column have described a silvery grey material flowing in counter rotational streams inside of what appears to be a plexiglass like tube. Even as I posted this thread I was still unsatisfied with my ideas about the central column, and now it's dawned on me that the most likely material being described inside this central column is not a gas. It now seems likely that the material is a ferrofluid: As early as 1938 ferrofluids were known.

A magnetorheological fluid is a ferrofluid that has the ability to transmit force and which can be controlled with an electromagnet. Supposedl, to confuse the issue, a magnetoheological fluid is labeled as a so called smart fluid and not a ferrofluid.

I want to point out that is is an obfuscation. Evidently an intentional one.
The difference between ferrofluids and magnetorheological fluids (MR fluids) is the size of the particle.

Wikpedia explains the supposed reasoning for this obfuscation.
MR fluid is different from a ferrofluid which has smaller particles. MR fluid particles are primarily on the micrometre-scale and are too dense for Brownian motion to keep them suspended (in the lower density carrier fluid). Ferrofluid particles are primarily nanoparticles that are suspended by Brownian motion and generally will not settle under normal conditions. As a result, these two fluids have very different applications.

Wikipedia further errors by explaining in one image that Steve Papell of NASA invented ferrofluids in 1963 as a liquid rocket fuel that could be drawn toward a pump inlet in a weightless environment by applying a magnetic field.[1]

Ferrofluids were, in truth, known to the Nazi's prior to the last Global War. It now appears that the material inside the central column is a ferrofluid, or if you prefer possibly a magnetorheological fluid.

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