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This next post is written to convey a general understanding for creating a levitating board. This idea is fundamentally what Allen was suggesting in his earlier posts.

Hovercraft float upon a cushion of air. It therefore follows that a diamagnetic material will levitate upon a magnetic field (*cushion), and by following the same fundamental concept which gave birth to hovercraft, an applied spinning magnetic vortex can create a magnetic cushion for a vehicle constructed out of a suitable diamagnetic material.

Magnetic field strength isn't limited by the strength of a magnet or electromagnet. It's force can be multiplied by using vortexs, or what may rightfully be labled as magnetic tornados, and these may be applied in numbers to obtain the necessary force needed to repel a board constructed from a matrix (composite compound) of diamagnetic material.

Now that we have this figured out, what I'd like to know is what that kid is wearing on her head>? What next, child mind control for concerned parents? Like why worry about them when you can just turn them into unquestioning robots? Guess we will have to wait on that one. Your thoughts or comments are appreciated. BTW, it's been known for some time now that the infamous "they" tell us things and I find that hoverboard which Michael J. Fox is holding to be especially interesting to examine. Don't bother running off to patent this. It's all in the St. Clair patents already. Besides, this is way too simple to bother with: This is garage capable technology.

Some people, such a myself for example, may find this link interesting. This psychic is asked about the St. Clair patents.
Look down on the page for this heading: Triangle UFO Patents Monday, June 26, 2017
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