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Yes i remember that entry but never equated it to the machines
as shown in this post. The "WITCH" video meant little to me at the time
but now that I had time to see and read the entire video, I am realizing

I am just starting to grasp the UFO message after doing the Matt Jones
motor and seeing success. I needed a simple task to help me get my foot
in the door. It is becoming so clear. This UFO video is a must, take the time
to read and go over the material in it. Otherwise you missed the starting
gun firing and you will not understand much of the other video's.

I see now that these concepts are all over the standard COP of .25 so
it should be easy to go OU.

The magic spell of lies, deceit and malice are melting away like butter.

UFO is willing to take it on the chin I see


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