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Allens posts regarding magnetic vortex's are still there, just that they are found in my thread on the ARV on page 2.
An Inquiry in to the Alien Reproduction Vehicle

My point of the previous post primarily has to do with improving energy designs, and that will require full use of field dynamics, and which will involve understanding magnetic flux flows interactions with particular respect to specific materials as a force multipliers. We already know that certain metals will enhance the power of a flowing magnetic field. A spinning diamagnetic metal like copper can induce a force 43 times the magnetic strength of a magnet. Conversely, a flowing magnetic field could propel a copper projectile with up to 43 times the power of the magnetic flux. Knowing these things then translates in to how to create a spinning magnetic field without having to physically spin a magnet, and this is likely to be a key part to solid state energy systems for reliability and miniaturization. Now if the force upon a magnetic flux field can be driven to 43 times it's normal resting state, then using that force against a pyrolytic graphite compound could/should be generating a vastly greater energy potential since copper is like -1 on the diamagnetic scale and pyrolytic carbon is like -40.9

Moving that "Massless, Weightless" Magnetic Field - PART 1

Ufopolitics has unraveled the true magnetic flux flow.

In the St. Clair Patent the device supposedly mimic's a rotating/spinning magnetic vortex. Not too sure about this myself, but nevertheless here it is.

Many failures to replicate others evident successes are likely related to seemingly minor components, and all because of the specific materials being used. These materials are traceable, if not well known, and include assorted crystals or materials which have specific crystalline patterns. Certain alloys and metals, and so in the presence of flowing magnetic fields, or electric current causes a reaction to enhance the energy input. Success is going to take more than knowing about electronics and electrical theory, it's going to take research and experimentation in combination with an open mind. We are going to have to revisit some of these devices to then see what seems not have worked, such as the Hans Coler device, to then see it that what was missing was a product of chance materials used, or if the design may have been monkeyed with to see if we understand, yet, the dynamics of what might have been taking place.

When I look at the drawing of this machine and at the laid out arrangement's for the magnets I can see how closely these seem to match counter rotating magnetic fields, or like an approach a poor man might try if they were given only so many magnets to work with, yet they understood there was a need to create a double vortex by some singular means. Now can anyone else see that as well? Whatever the conventional underpinnings to the layout, the reality seems to be that the arrangement is also doing something else as well. It appears to me like this design may have been able to enhance it's power because its' opening counter-space, or hyperspace, and if we believe the stuff in the St. Clair patent then that would be significant.

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