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Originally Posted by GlenWV View Post
Greetings all;

At long last, I have the armature ready to go.

It has been balanced in a motor shop and I hope to get the motor reassembled next weekend.

Next, a suitable mount will have to be constructed....

That is, once I figure out what to hook it to.

Lot's of testing first though.

What an interesting project!! Thank you Mr. UFOPolitics!


My pleasure Glen, looking forward to see that beautiful monster running...

Make sure to check continuity-resistance in each coil (or coils groups, if that's the case) contact between comm elements plus alignment.

Also check your stator's magnet polarity orientation (N-S-N-S), related to your desired rotation sense versus the feeding (Input) brushes positioning to fire each coil group.

An All North Wound Machine of that kind is unique on its class -at least on this Forum-...and it should run superb, when synchronized-tuned with high precision, thing I know you would do an excellent job on...!


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