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Turion, kudos to you on your (aborted) attempt to get the folks at Project Avalon to think outside the box. Unfortunately, they've got this 'mutual mastrubation' thing going on there, where they are nearly all of the one opinion. Anyone that dares to stray too far from that deemed acceptable, find themselves 'Retired' by its Admin in short order - something that happens on an all too regular basis! Their Members-only setup means that with this kind of intellectual inbreeding, things can only get worse there! The fact that not one of them seemed aware of your presence on all the major FE forums and the work you've done over the years, pretty much sums them up.

For my part, about 8 years ago, I stumbled across the same capacitor experiment you posted about, and resolved to see how far I could take it. I decided to go the super-cap route, tie them together with latching relays, whose switching would be done by a PIC. I also wondered if the 'equalised' capacitors could then be connected in series via the relays/pic, thus restoring the original voltage and extend things at least one 'equalisation' longer. All came to naught however - the $200 worth of caps I bought turned out to be garbage, leading me to abandon the project.

But your PA thread got me thinking about something similar someone posted in this very forum about 1-2 years ago. It had to do with the fact that 2 capacitors, charged to the same voltage and connected in series -++- will have zero volts across the 2 negative leads. He then went on to say "but did you know..." - what exactly I cannot recall!! - but thought at the time "Wow, now that's cool, I didn't know that!", so immediately tested if it was true. It wasn't, or at least it didn't do what he claimed it did. Anyway, your PA posts got me thinking about this again, so I spent about an hour searching for it in the forum yersterday, in vain as it happens. Just wondering if anyone knows what thread this was posted in here?