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Now let's talk about E.D erectile dysfunction. I said in the previous
post that I feel like a sexual tyrannosaurs? Well not exactly, however
having my body return to somewhat normal makes me feel whole
again especially when those wonderful moments of satisfaction can
be achieved with my wife. It is not perfect but our love life in a normal
marriage bed is better.

The problem is erectile dysfunction, this mean me as male can perform
to some degree and for this I am grateful even in the midst of my weakness.

You can feel left out when your body does not work, or your wife will
be dissatisfied. This is where one true test of love comes. 30 million
plus American men suffer from E.D. or erectile dysfunction. Men in their
later 30's on up to old age.

When I found this out I remembered my brother and his wife could not
have children in their 20's to 30's the peak time of life. They had always
gotten their vaccines and done everything just right as his wife is an RN
or Registered Nurse.

I was not til they got special drugs to counteract the vaccines that
they had twins. This leads me to the E.D many men are experiencing.

Population control has been very successful over the last 40 years
here in the USA near zero growth. One way to limit the number of
children born into society is to slow down the reproductive systems.

This has been the agenda for our planners. Feed the people esters and
over load the food chain.

Now let's go the other way.

How can you respond normally in bed without going to the doctor or
taking black market drugs? Remember you can damage your body
with drugs so over time even they won't work anymore. No more
copulation for you Well it sounds funny but it is bad for you.

I will bring you a list of herbs, vitamins, minerals and foods to help.

I had this problem once before when I was first remarried after 20 years
being singled and took the right supplements. My wife and I produced two
health children and had a lot of fun doing it. Slowly over the past 14 years problems have returned so it is time to go back to the plan.
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