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It feels good when it stops hurting

Let me help each of you keep focused about my status, I work
outdoors in 100 plus degree temps, lift 1000's of pounds
per day moving appliances in and out of my shop and other
people's homes.

I am 60 years old and can not afford any weakness. After this
threshold I had passed my world stopped for 1 week plus. I
got little done, this was 2 months ago. Now I eat better so
when it is time to head to the outhouse things roll out smooth.

The heat all by itself could damage an old man my age if I had
not taken such good care of myself for the last 30 years. The
enlarged prostate not only makes for more trips to the
bat-room day or night, also can cause pain when I go into
second gear.

If I drink plenty of fluids the pain of inflammation is minimal,
meaning no trip to the heating device because the back of my
legs all of the way to my heals tighten up causing me to walk
like a crippled old man with something stuck in his craw.

The symptoms are slowly fading but not a pretty prospect for the
years ahead, let's be honest all men will suffer this in one form
or another and at one time in their lives.

Eating right and taking so many herbs is making me into a sexual
tyrannosaurs, any and all malfunctioning goes away as the male
fountain begins to flow more and more.

Since the prostate has malfunctioned and is healing up this means
certain mandates of the full application of these systems swing
wide open. All operations are highly sensitive if not bordering on
pleasurable pain all at the same time, weird as hell if you ask me.

You prostate will not shrink with a doctor pill, forget it. All you are
doing it postponing your next emergency visit, that is the name
of the game. The healthcare system is set to take as much of
your money without giving you any insight into how to put a stop
naturally to your pain. A patient cured is a customer lost as many
alternative health care professionals say.

The average person does not want to hear anything technical,
they want a pill and leave the office in 20 minutes. They don't
want to be told that they must eat better or stop certain habits
then change doctors right away. That is the way the population
responds so the doctors got smart.

Now then when you are ready, you will find out what to eat to
cause your body to stay healthy and what not to give your body.

Stay away from that plate of hamburgers with cheese falling
off the edge, pumped full of hormones, live viruses,
antibiotics, steroids common in feed lot practices.

Your imbalances with grow wildly out of control as you age so
1 hamburger is fine, then eat your greens Maynard. Or suffer
the consequences. Eat fruit, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds,
oats, fish, tomatoes, beans spiked with meat flavor sure but
leave the t-bone steak for either the young man who is growing
or just once in a while. Make it the exception not the rule.

I slept 4 hours at a stretch last night without jumping out
and running to the can, how about you?

Get the herbs and use the heat plus eat exactly what you are told
and it will be well with you. Your prostate will normalize or
reduce in mass.

The watermelon for once in years is awesome. I feel like a blimp.


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