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Shifting from kinetic warfare to cyber warfare.

"The US Navy’s unfunded 2018 priorities list contains a $2.7 billion request for 24 additional aircraft but no additional ships."
China has developed an “ultrafast” missile interceptor, a defensive weapons system it claims only the US and Russia had before.
6/05 Hack brief: dangerous ‘fireball’ adware infects a quarter billion PCs – Wired
6/03 World heading towards ‘permanent cyber war’, France warns – Independent
6/03 Cyberweapons are now in play – ZDNet
Russia's New Corvette To Fire Kalibr Cruise Missiles
Thousands Of Miles Away

The world is shifting away from kinetic warfare, especially naval warfare. The shift has been to aircraft. At the same time, advances in missile technology and jamming technology are making aircraft only marginally useful,,, depending on the theater.
Along come cyber weapons that make physical warfare much less important. Cyber war is a great equalizer. It doesn't matter how big your army and GDP are. It matters how good your hackers are.
All that military hardware is useless if you lose control of it.
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