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Originally Posted by boguslaw View Post
Find Barbosa, Leal or Kapanadze. They know how to build one.
That might be true... if they do great... are they allowing the average joe to "build" one? How much would they charge to build you one or allow you the knowledge to build one?

I love tinkering with different circuits some quite successful, many not so much. I am a realist, I believe very much in what I can do right now to offset my energy needs while I continue looking for an alternative with equal potential. I power a large portion of my home with wind and solar.

How about a compromise... we set up a slew of solar panels that power tesla magnifiers all around the world. When the sun is shining at my place you can draw energy from me, when it's shinning at your place I can draw energy from you... our days power your nights and visa versa...

Think about what "you" can do now instead of waiting for some mythical genie to appear. There's no reason why solutions can't be found for basic needs while continuing the search for others.... or if you wish, you can argue about it day after day and have nothing.

I'm with Dr.Green - granted solar isn't perfect, wind isn't perfect but it works. At a buck a watt now a days it pays for itself in short order and I can use the money I don't pay the utility for other projects....
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