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Originally Posted by mikrovolt View Post
You state your opinion in absolute terms about how over unity works.
This is what you said using the term MUST.

"over unity must be implemented in the geometry itself, this mean to convert reactive into active. "

We know that old crap you keep thinking we are stupid
"over unity must ! blah blah blah I am sick of it.
Read it again because you have done this many times to many people.
You set a very strong narrative against others ideas that need careful handling.
Delicate ideas that are difficult to convey easily slammed.
You make the waters muddy so others cannot see.

english isn't my native language , if i write in Arabic the translator will never translate correctly arabic , maybe you don't know this ! this will give you a sight about how i think , i have my geometry you have your own i said implemented , this don't mean mine is correct maybe your is correct but i try to let people think about electricity in 3D... your words are aggressive, i worked in this forum with a limited number of people a very few , i don't know you so how i think you are stupid !?

over unity must ! yes it must work on a specified principles, if you don't bring something new and you dream about KW of power ..this is your problem, ...

most members here think their own idea is the correct , you are already blind .. talk about my specific idea , debate in physical way .. if you are sick about the word Must convert it by perhaps or maybe .. nothing will change ! it just a word !
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