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American Diet Killer on Prostate

All is well, getting plenty of sleep, system returning to normal
WHEN I EAT RIGHT. Did you get that? I doubt it, because i never
thought I would be saying that THE AMERICAN Diet was killing me
just because I had 4-6 hamburgers and a few chips for dinner.

Or how about a whole roast chicken with a spot of mac-&-chesse?

Or how about 2 plates of chunky beef spaghetti? Oh sure.

Say a big stake and some scrooms, right? Yeah right. Well a few
green beans say 30-40 beans. Or 100 grains of corn out of a can.

How about pizza right? Wrong, unless properly balanced with veggies.

As soon as I eat all meat like I just described my diet here in America
my other end swells up like someone stuck a softball where the sun
don't shine. Here it is dinner and 2 hrs later you can forget about
a regular function in the men's room.

A good healthy one? Forget it. All you are going to get is pain, you
can't even pass any gas without a squeaky sound and pain. Even the
smallest amount of relief will make you suffer.

You can't go #1 til you go #2 and you can't do that with lots of oils
to cause a thinning of the stool. Even then you are ripping tissue
with huge trauma. You are a dead duck, unless you stop the swelling.

I will give you all a proper list of foods I eat that saves me from
myself inflicted wounds. From now think about the American Diet.

Majoring on this with lead to inevitable deficiencies of all types.

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