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Originally Posted by Allen Burgess View Post
Quote from "Magnetic Vortex Generator " patent:

"Two separate, but electrically connected, toroidal coils of differing radii, carry magnetic flux in opposite directions about their common centerline".

Quadra project:

The coils visibly move upward against gravity when excited:
So the next thing is this Magnetic vortex generator: What is it really?

A magnetic vortex generator is actually a type of solitron. A solitron is a vortex which connects two identical forms via a quantum tunnel. In the worlds of conventional physics it accesses hyperspace. It's a de facto worm hole. Our own brains, the fractal receivers/transmitters of these biological bodies are accessing our soul's via solitrons in nerve cells and other probably as yet other unknown means. Most of you already know that when you place a magnetic field around a brain it effects the mind; well yea one might expect that if they actually understood where your mind actually is located.

After three pages you may have forgotten my starter notes on page 1. Recall now that the idea behind this inquiry called for a prototype construction or a theoretical blueprint of a antigravitational machine dating from the last Global War, and whose origins undoubtedly came out the Third Reich. Recalling this then, consider if the attached image and the thoughts I've enclosed seem to fit with what we know about that epoch of time and the individuals controlling that political system. People whom actively sought the secrets of the ancients and consorted with the occult.

Now the attached image says a few things about this because we are a society obsessed with the temporal and hence power; we see things with that predisposition. This image from ancient Egypt is a depiction of a solitron transmission. The question is: What is it receiving? If you think it was picking up energy for use you'd probably be right, but if you also thought it was a communication device for speaking to the dead then you'd probably also still be right, but most people would probably see a microwave transmitter and receiver or some kind of radio like transmission/reception system. Radar was really born in World War II and given the ethos of the occult science of Nazi Germany isn't it then almost sensible to see how this idea of accessing the spirit world could have crossed over to result in a scientific pathway where in microwaves where thought to be special forms of energy where research subsequently became a focal point.

Alternate Theories of Pyramid Construction

This next part is to assist in visualizing a quantum tunnel, and If you have any doubts at all about the minds transmission/reception system being a kind of sub-space quantum vortex tunnel then do some searching around scholarly articles on solitron's, and especially solitron communication in nerve cells. I can assure you that hordes of money in R&D is being dumped in to this right now because, after all, your owners would prefer actual direct control; it isn't all about helping nerve damaged people, if any of it is at all.

Cosmic strings in a swimming pool

Physics Buzz: Falaco Solitons: Particles at the Pool

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