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As this information seems to grow legs on a regular basis I'm gonna post these images so that some may choose to safeguard them as they see fit. This is the crop circle Chris based his experiments on. Barbury Castle Crop Circle 1991.

Generally speaking, it seems as though every lunatic has taken the image of the Barbury Castle Crop Circle and somehow or other self-constructed the second coming of Jesus Christ. Don't be deceived because even to someone like myself, a completely ignorant person electronically speaking, this is an obvious depiction of a microwave cyclotron, and we all know that microwaves have of course long been associated with UFO's and cropcircles.

Now the problem with the Haldeman experiment is that it too is missing parts, just like so many others, and here I think one has to refer back to the St. Clair patents. Specifically this one. What's that in the middle of that cropcircle? A magnetic vortex generator?

As an footnote; note how the information in this rather small image shows how some of these cropcircles have a great resemblance to Telsa's work.

Note that there are three sphere's set in a triangle and each one is showing the primary components which drive the sphere's. There's the cyclotron producing microwaves, there's the depiction of the separations of charges, there's the sphere with what appears to be a stick inside it, but which is, in reality, an dipole antenna.(*Well either it's an antenna or it's a representation of the microwave's cathode. Right now I'm thinking that's what it is.)

The Physics of Microwave Ovens


Satellite Power Station

The Production of Microwaves in a Magnetron
The Physics of Microwave Ovens

GBPPR Homebrew Radar Experiment Magnetron Pulse Transforme. Site probably contains useful information. One image link I've included.

This link involves an extreme effort. It's worth examining in detail. I may comment on this further later, but posting it for reference and so that I don't forget all about it. The field drawing showing a steel ball is nearly a replication of plasmoid, another antigravitational plasma which has been invading our skys for quite a while, but much more commonly as of recent and is often mistaken for a UFO.
The Institute of Paranormal Science - The Antigravity Theories of Fran De Aquino

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