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I apologize to all of you because, ya know, I'm a pretty simple guy. Not educated in this stuff at all, so it's hard for me to link up the technology to construct a case. As a result, I've been slow to comprehend the totality of the Alien Reproduction Vehicle. This shouldn't be all that surprising since this is essentially a very early machine, and like many early machines the arrangement of the components isn't likely to be advanced. A comparative history of the evolution of machines shows how as the understanding develops then so too do the machines themselves. In other words, to use an analogy here, it's actually easier to understand how an airplane like a piper cub flys than it would be to try to understand how the wright brothers first plane flew.

Gravity Waves and the ARV's Antenna System.

What I had previously thought was a kind of atmospheric vacuum, and collecting ions for a fuel source, now appears to be incorrect. Mark McCandlish said that he thought the ARV had an antenna; which was this ring which forms the base of the platform where the crew door appears, and evidently this idea is well founded. A reading of the St. Clair patents shows that this ring like structure is a type of antenna. It's evidently a component of a gravity wave drive system. The authority on Gravity Waves, aside from Einstein , and whom we can't talk to so far as we know, appears to be Dr. Robert Baker.

Gravitational wave propulsion

This AAG (*American Antigravity) page has links to video's on Youtube by Dr. Baker. Robert Baker, Jr on High-Frequency Gravitational Waves

Robert Baker on HFGW Fusion Energy
Robert Baker’s Open-Cavity HFGW Gravitational Wave Detector
Robert Baker on HFGW Remote Imaging & Surveillance
Robert Baker, Jr. on Chinese HFGW Research
Gravitational Communications for Telecommunications
How To Generate High-Frequency Gravitational Waves

And other additional video links there as well.
Gary Stephenson on High Frequency Gravitational Waves

Now there are a plethora of issues going on here as a result of this latent epiphany and which should actually concern everyone everywhere. Too many to be brought forward here in total, but these include; Sub-space communications, almost certain to be in use right now, contrary to what the Jason Report by the Federation of American Scientists would have you believe.

Dr. Baker releases this volume as a primer that presents the most basic elements of gravitational waves.
Renowned Expert, Dr. Robert Baker, Publishes Primer on Gravitational Waves
Gravitational Waves -- The World of Tomorrow, A Primer

Now this ...this is an interesting paper for someone like myself because you may recall how I mentioned that the first people to take note of antigravity effects were those scientists whom designed and witnessed the first atomic bomb tests, and what this suggests, as was hinted at in Dr Steven Greer's movie; "Disclosure" is that these nut cases have disturbed or even damaged civilizations far and wide across the galaxy by sending a gravitational shock wave across the proverbial universe: One can only imagine what other advanced societies may think about humans if this is the reality, and it does seem to look like that is the real motivation for alien visitations: Insane people with too much money and not enough brains and whose wealth and power is all based on creating fear, war, and death isn't likely to be a successful pathway to advancement or even survival. If not by our own hands than by others if necessary.

Generation of Gravitational Waves with Nuclear Reactions

So now the reason I've posted all this really has to do with a tiny bit of obscure info, now mostly scrubbed off the net by enemies of humanity, and that happens to be the Chris Hardeman Experiment.


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