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Enlargement of the Male Prostate

Enlarging prostate is part of the human experience starting at age
40 years old. So because it is a normal process we need to refresh
ourselves on a few key things. A prostate in called "THE PROTECTOR"
it accumulates toxins similar to a set of tonsils. Only it is lower

Why wait or why stay in ignorance til yours grows to some enormous
unbearable size ready to pop? Instead men take the natural
GOD given remedies like Saw Palmetto and so many more.

Here is what happened last week. I took out about 4 solid hours of
setting on a heating unit fully clothed, just reading on the web upright
in a chair. After that I had no aches or pains for 3 days then it
was time to do more heat time.

I am getting so much better and I do not take any malfunctioning
drug fix nor do I take a placebo either (same thing). I put it this way
because to me anything the Doc every gave me whether it was penicillin
for pneumonia, codeine for a splinter or anything else it worked for about
1-3 days and after that you are headed back to the Doc again.

Exactly the plan.

I had some pain in the front where my bladder lives and it would just burn
and hurt so I went down stairs and put together a half of a glass of water
with sodium Bicarb + Honey and sometimes I use molasses or maple.

This tsp of each in a small water will flip my system over to a high PH
and this helps to fight off things. I have been doing this for 6 years.
I also make colloidal silver and that is a great fighter too.

Then I put together a half a glass of water with a 1/2 tsp of
goldenseal powder and stir. Down the hatch.

From some reason I am not sure why I guess I didn't drink enough
water and I was in pain like having a gas bubble in your body but in my
bladder. Wow. It was short lived say a couple of hours but wow what
a ride. It is those long hours in the shop not drinking enough.

Next I used my magnetic pulser on the front of my body where the pain
was and later I used the blood electrifier for 20 minutes. The last time
I electrified was maybe a week or two? I can't think of what day.

I still had the pain but it was far less. Next I laid down and went to bed
with a heat/ massage conair tool stuck to my bladder and in one minute
the pain was all gone. I slept 7 hrs straight, the longest I have gone
in the last 4-5 years.

One minute was all it took to pop that bubbleutterly Amazing.

The heat is making me whole again.

I love THE ENERGETIC FORUM and am grateful for all of the help I get
from the super folks around the world.

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