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Originally Posted by Dingus View Post
Great work! When do you plan on showing-off a prototype?
When I can no longer make improvements in hardcore simulators. You know, the ones which put your nose to the dirt and expect obedience to common sense, such as: LTSpice. Micro Cap is worse. I don't know if I'll ever pass through that portal alive with these simulations intact. But I might have a chance with LTSpice. But can I do so with all hints of trapezoidal approximations turned OFF and adhere to the use of its 'alternate' sparsing engine? I don't know. That's a tough challenge. But that's what I have in store for myself once I feel like I've taken development to the max using Paul Falstad's simulator. Thanks for your enthusiasm.

But I have another hindrance: I'm afraid of high voltage of which almost all of these simulations are excessively engaging in. Yikes! So, I'll have to start with a toy model.
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