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Narrow Minds Limit our Understanding of Free Energy

I know. It sounds crude and rude of me to say it.

But how else do you explain our inability to think outside the limitations of conventional thinking, by our young people, if they're supposed to be our hope for a better and brighter tomorrow?

So, I chalk it up to our compartmentalization, aka specialized training, in which we've been divided and conquered by the shrewdest philanthropists on the face of this planet who are hell bent on keeping us ignorant of our destiny to have and to hold a bright and prosperous future just as free energy thinkers envision it: peace, plenty, self-revelation and cosmic mind.

But I say ...
No more of this Malthusian Doctrine of limited resources to support Manifest Destiny, nor its more recent incarnation: Imminent Domain, spreading around violent and legalized takeover of someone else's resources just because it's there ripe for the stealing. We have everything we need to support 10 billion souls alive on this planet at the same time. Buckminster Fuller said so. And if he said so, then that's good enough for me. He also said that the only thing standing in our way of a better life is distribution, or its lack. The haves have, and the have-nots do not, simply because the haves are in charge leaving the have-nots to do without.

Well, that's got to change. We can't enter into a technological Heaven on Earth and drag Hell in with us. Hell stays where it is and where it belongs: in the deepest reaches of insidious minds incapable of reason or reflection upon karma, dharma (the other destiny: the destiny of the soul; not the destiny of greedy little minds) and reincarnation. If a person can't believe in these three things, then what business is it of mine to try and talk some sense into a thick coconut (of a brain) concerning the topic of free energy?

The bottom line is that we've been hoodwinked into being made dumb where we could have been more effective and knowledgeable wherein we can't improve the necessities of life.

Take optics, for instance.
Who cares if we build a better laser?

Granted, we've got reflectors - retroreflectors - due to phase conjugation and wave discontinuity diverging away from our comfortable notions of limited resources enough to save lives during night time driving by reflecting our headlights right back to whomever sent them at whatever angle of incidence they were sent out -- even if not at a direct perpendicular of 90 degrees. Now, that's progress for ya!

But we could do better and I'm here to tell you how we're not doing so.

The field of optics has saved lives by the invention of the retroreflector, but optical scientists don't produce power supplies. Who ever heard of plugging in our appliances into an optical power supply? Get my drift?

In the field of electrodynamics, where power supplies matter most to us, young student engineers are not taught about phase conjugation like their partners in optics so as to keep electrical engineers dumb on the topic of free energy.

See my point? We're stupid by design and we have only ourselves to thank for it since we always get whatever it is that we deserve. So, collectively speaking: we're spoiled rotten on the one hand with a tremendously resourceful country and its peoples, yet ludicrously ignorant of our full potential. How does that grab ya? If you're not angry like me, you aught to be or else I just wasted my time!

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