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Aerial Energy

Downloaded and saved onto your computer and then loaded into ...

Not much different from my latest simulations of free energy. Instead of an initial kickstart to the simulation using the nose (the front end; the positive pole) of a battery, I use an aerial. But most of the energy for running this simulation is supplied by the circuit itself.

There's one caveat, though...
My simulations are not being taken seriously since they appear to be violating the politically correct version of physics, namely: ignore time shifts (dilations) and ignore Emmy Noether.

Consequently, trapezoidal approximations within the simulator's calculations is being blamed as just one of many reasons not to take these simulations of mine seriously. They're to be considered a novelty at best.

Yet, they've taught me the physics behind these simulations by providing a training ground to help me know what to look for in science to help explain these phenomena. So, I don't take my critiques too seriously.

For a synopsis of how these simulations can create energy without violating the laws of physics, see ...

a YouTube video
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