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Electrical Immortality Defines Free Energy, pt. 3

What is Free Energy?

Free energy emanates out of a condition of phase conjugation. One of the additional benefits is limited immortality: we've managed to buy a block of time to semi-immortalize the electrical energy within our circuit. So naturally, it's going to have a little bit more energy to spend as well.

Three main points:

1. Wave Discontinuity and

2. Acceleration, Amplification

3. Within two Closed Loops

3a. An electrical loop composed of two weak capacitors and at least one toroidal iron core coils.

3b. At least one magnetic sub-loop composed of the iron cored coils whose magnetic fields remember the original torque of its parent wave and puts the torque back into its daughter waves at a value nearly equal to its parent's if we do this right with minimal losses due to inefficiencies.

Terse definition of free energy ...
Physics must be obeyed. Allowance is made for non-conservation of energy via Noether's theorem. Phase conjugation alters time for a wave of energy caught in a closed loop of discontinuity imposed by low-level capacitors and accelerated by toroidal iron core inductors.

Fleshed out at Scribd ...

a YouTube video
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