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Shrinking the Prostate

I am not going to cry you a river about suffering, it is part of life
and death. That's the way it is. Ignorant is not bliss tho trust me

I have been sitting around for hours (IT IS REST DAY) doing treatments
and where do you think it hurts? Here is a picture of the groin area
on a man's body. As it turns out the prostate is at the scrotum

And if yours is enlarged sitting down can be painful. The prostate is
very close to the surface of your body.

All of the other pictures show access to the prostate only thru the
rectum and is incomplete info doctor talk. The truth is if you have ever
been kicked between your legs say in a fight that could damage
your prostate.

Point being all of these dildo looking heaters for prostate are not
meant to be inserted anally. These heating sticks are to be sat on while
in a chair. Big enough to fill the area sitting down fully clothed. Large
enough to fill the gap so the tool presses further upward where the
prostate sits.

God almighty it works, it is painful yes. I am doing both
laying down using a messager (CONAIR TOOL) to heat the
groin area and sitting in a chair with another tool.

That is all it takes and you will shrink your prostate, how do I know?
Because I am doing it daily, heating the groin and suffering the time
is takes to vanish the pain.

Heating pads work, tubs work and lots of things, anything you can get
your hands on to heat with and not get to hot. Anything adjustable.

Your prostate will enlarge with age and a great many reasons are
attributed to why the prostate will enlarge more. One of them is
heavy lifting and this has been my job 30 years.

Another thing to watch out for, you need to lose a small amount
of your body weight and this is part of the suffering. Be sure while
you are under these conditions that you eat more oils because the
body is working over time burning up fluids. The oils and the raisin
dates or prunes can help you not to damage your colon.

I eat a spoon full of coconut oil every time I turn around, not to
much for your body weight but enough, you can tell.

The large prone's are for external use, outside the clothing just sitting
in a chair. You don't need something stuck up your rear for it to work.
Get comfortable and start the fight thru the use of heat.

Heat increases circulation, the body does the rest. While you are
using heat, you will have low grade pain. If you do not use heat you
will suffer more.

The goal for your body is to get the job done of fixing the problem
while the war takes place your body is under strain, that means you
need more fluids and more oils in your body so you do not get
severe constipation.

Now get on your heaters men and ride out the storm.



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