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Aaron I guess I always thought that site was for bulk only.
Thanks, I am trying to sign in right now.

Okay i created an account and maybe it will work soon. I don't
know how to buy it. Add to cart does not work or buy function
so I tried another browser, same thing.

Maybe I'll try dhgate, create an account. Maybe there is a secret
to using these sites I am unaware of. I'll keep trying.

This is the link for the USA the site won't let me buy that unit
you sent the link for because the site knows I am in the USA.

The site will only let you buy one if you can select the proper
voltage and in our case 110v this one is a couple of bucks more.

This link lets me buy it. It is $39

I also just realized I like these better because you don't need to
stick these where the sun don't shine, these sit on the outside of your
body, much nicer.<br />

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