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I cut off the Flo-max A5 beta blockers yesterday after 20 days
and substituting saw palmetto, pygeum, pumpkin seeds (No salt)
and then the normal hawthorn (lowers blood pressure by doubling
thru-put valve pumping action) Ginko to thin and sharpen the mind,
plus many vitamins then Iodide.

Slept 5 hrs straight in one span and then another 2 hrs. I didn't take
enough oils for my bowel under these conditions and once again it
killed me to go #2. I mean killer.

So now I am up to 2 tsp of coconut oil in the morning and 2 at night
hoping for any kind of balance. Consequently I spent a significant
amount of time suffering for hrs doing all kinds of heat therapy.

The heat eventual wins out against the trauma. I hope someone learns
something, anything by me opening myself to share such intimate details.

I really get a soar azz too when communicating, short temps at my
wits end being over burdened by that der nagging pain. I am free again
and I have Aaron to thank, he saved me by pointing me right to the heat.

As soon as someone finds an adjustable heater for under $250-350
let me know. If you follow my links the best one or lowest priced units
are OUT OF STOCK. dhgate may have it but I have not been able to
at anything to cart.

Many men have great big bellies and do not realize why, often it is
because their system is gradually failing and they can't see it. Over
a long period of time anything becomes normal until it breaks.

Embarrassment is the item that dominates the discussion as people have
been conditioned to only talk about these things with their doctor who
has been conditioned against your best interest.

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