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Now in this post I'm serious and I debated on posting this because it is far fetched, at least I think it is, but I really don't know and it's bothering me so I'm posting this as food for thought. Now I realize this all seems highly unlikely but what do we really know?

These spinning magnetic fields could potentially be doing unexpected things. Now I would not expect the manifestation of such things at the energy levels we are involved with, but what do we really know, like who has done this before? As a result, sensing this I wanted to bring forward the understanding that manifestion of lights signals particle interactions, and so that if by chance you begin to see lights you need to back off and regroup.

From the videos where artificial vortex's/tornado's are produced, and where in lights are seen to propagate in rings, that effect isn't something I'm aware of or have run across in literature. That is to say, it either isn't recognized, or isn't mentioned, or I just haven't found it, but while convention says that such effects may be resultant from known interactions, those same circular lights or others yet unknown, and if displayed while involved in vortexs of magnetic fields may involve forced concentrations of the sub-atomic-space particles known as quarks and gluons in conventional particle physics.

A vortex producing a vacuum on another sub-space beyond this dimension, a part of the string theory, from which these same quanta are likely to come from, and then spun into concentrations only to be pulled apart by gyroscopic centrifugal forces; then it would be expected that action would produce sparks of light in concentrated forms, probably circular or spiral in shap, which is what one would expect from high speed magnetic vortex's.

Typically a mist of green is described in incidents of vanishing and or teleportations, though other colors are also possible. These mists are associated with wildly gyrating compasses, or other misbehavior of electrical equipment, as well as temporal time effects and to include such phenomena as invisibility and loss of radar visibility in respect to ships and planes from an exterior point of view.

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