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I mentioned using graphite from a pencil because graphite is known to occasionally exhibit superconductivity, sometimes this effect can be produced by doping with alkalines, but other times just water which I suppose could have a ph balance that would work. Yes, this is a room temp effect which evidently happens in minute isolated sections, but which is real. I believe that T. Townsend Browns first capacitors also used lead. Anyway the lead suggestion was off the cuff but thought it may produce some effect and partly because these room temp superconductivity effects happen within very thin layers, like those which a pencil would leave behind. At least this is what I'm recalling right now from the reading I've done on the topic.

So I'm looking at N52 magnets and wondering what I should buy but I'm waiting for a battle report. Please check in so that we know the greys haven't found out about you or that you've otherwise self teleported to another dimension whilst messing about with pencils, magnets, and other forbidden tools, like say wash pump motors, because quite honestly I thought it was general knowledge that a high speed blender motor is the required scientifically designed motor for these kind of experiments. Preferably one that has a speed control already attached. No sense messing with speed controls when they are readily available; a kind of time saver ya know. Just a tip mind you and Keep us in the loop.

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