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This is interesting to scan over. It's a study on how to possibly simply the visualization of vortex's in 3 dimension by using multiple micro-magnets. Thee are some interesting effects noted in the study on the properties of multiple spinning magnets.

Three-Dimensional Dynamic Self-Assembly of Spinning Magnetic Disks: Vortex Crystals

Conclusions and Outlook
- The theoretical description and controlled experimental realization of vortex-vortex interactions in three dimensions are often prohibitively complicated: the experimental simplicity of our system might offer a remedy to these problems. (ii) In self-assembly and materials science, the systems of spinning objects can serve as precursors for open lattices to be used in photonic band gap materials -

A discussion here on optical vers photonic band gap.

Photonic band structure for a superconductor-dielectric superlattice
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