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Absolutely Aaron all good considerations. I have not used anything
homemade like this get, I am referring only to super hot water and my
external heating device that is hot enough to burn my skin does
take away pain.

In terms of running a homemade element and getting burned I agree
because unless you have a regulated supply and a variable knob you are
going to get burned.

Someone tells 105 f is all that is needed.

I am undecided, however for those suffering in other countries who can
not get any help with materials they now can get an idea what is needed.
Do not use an unregulated, non adjustable heater that you can not
measure the temps. And that goes for the cheap one sold for $16
that connects to a USB on a pc.

They are advertised for prostate but I wouldn't trust it, even they are
not liable in anyway so beware that your prostate can be injured.

Aaron I did not see your cheap version, when I clicked on the link you sent
it did not work. I let you know that day but you must have missed that
I told you that your link did not work.

Please post a link that works for a cheap adjustable heater again for
the rest of us. Unless my PC is acting up again I can't see your post.

Anyway we are talking very low power at maybe 3watts to where like
Aaron pointed out could be run off batteries. In any case be careful.

If anyone can find an adjustable unit for under $360 let us know.

Thanks Aaron for filling in the blanks, I needed to say that as well.

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