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Good cartridge heater post. Some have sensors built right in for a
couple of bucks.

I slept 2.5hrs twice yesterday and today I got up had slept 4 hrs
straight, best I slept in 4 yrs without having to get up.

I guess I didn't realize what was happening to me years ago.

The heat works miracles.

Last night I was so relaxed before bed that I can't put it into words.
For years this problem have been inching up on me and it messes with
your hormones and nervous system.

My herbs are helping also. I am slowly returning to normal. I see now
that when the crazy hormones kick in the wrong direction all kinds of
weird feelings appear. Almost like a bad dream.

If you are ever at a party where you have a few and your system fails
like mine did, you could die unless you can get the toxins out of your
body another way. These poisons will build up in your system from day to
day also, so be smart.
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