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changing diet

Originally Posted by aljhoa View Post
Absolutely no alternative cancer treatment will work without a proper “cancer diet.”
There are many vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains, etc. that actually contain nutrients that kill cancer cells,
stop the spread of cancer, and do other things that treat cancer.

On the other hand, there are other foods that FEED the cancer cells or FEED the microbes inside the cancer cells,
such as processed sugar, processed grains, dairy products, etc. It is critical, for any cancer diet
that the patient understand perfectly that what you don't eat is just as important as what you do eat.

I'm all for implementing the right diet, but I have seen many alternative cancer therapies work and the people did not change their diet. Those therapies include the heat method here. That is what is so shocking is that despite eating sugars, etc... the cancer still disappeared.

Dr. McGee has all the before and after cat scans and a massive amount of other documentation. That is how powerful these treatments are.

McGee and Roger both personally knew Linus Pauling and Ewan Cameron so we've very aware of how nutrients affect the tissues. McGee was one of the pioneers of orthomolecular medicine and was considered the first "alternative" obgyn in the country.

The most effective nutritional regimen implemented was C/Niacin/Ribose.
Niacin dilated everything to get the nutrients into places with bad circulation plus niacin is necessary to create an enzyme involved in DNA repair. The C stimulated the production of healthy collagen, built up the so called "ground substance" that choked off the tumors by encapsulating them. And the ribose is the building block for rna/dna and boosted atp production thru the roof thereby stimulating the production of massive amounts of redox signaling molecules.

Many vegetables, fruits, etc... that you mention actually cause inflammation in the body and most naturopaths, etc... are unaware of why. That is why I recommend the book by Gundry up above because it shows how to deal with those fruits/veggies to reduce the lectin content.

Besides Weston Price's study on processed foods, that Gundry book should be absolutely foundational to anyone's understanding of the healthy way to eat and it blows a lot of common misconceptions out of the water regarding healthy food.

IF someone is willing to change their lifestyle, which includes changing how they eat, then I agree that sugar should be one of the first things to go since it is junk food for the anaerobic cancer cells. Also oxygenating the body (Warburg and Budwig) - if not through supplementation then at least with some Qigong or Yoga breathing methods.
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