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Allen, let's recap and combine: This is what I'm seeing.

In the Bobbin design, as well as the other patents, there is a magnetic vortex generator which is described as; "either a rotating magnet or a dual coil." In one patent he describes this vortex generator as a tube with bar magnets and mechanically powered. Importantly then he goes on to say in the Bobbin Patent that in Claim 3 that this Vortex generator has; "A circular, direct-current carrying solenoid, located radially inside the toroidal core, to create the magnetic moment."

*Note here that when he says Toroidal, that can just as easily be interpreted as meaning Vortex, or Spiral, or Spiraling Forms.

In this sketch I provided in the ARV (Inquiry In To The Alien Reproduction Vehicle) Which I will attach here for easement, one can see there was described by Abductees a similar solenoid like arrangement which surrounds the vertical columns, and which then does itself lead in to what is evidently another magnet at the base and which is then surrounded by another solenoid coil which is located in a hallow below the decking. This is in keeping with the St. Clair descriptions where the vortex generators project below the hull of the spacecraft.
An Inquiry in to the Alien Reproduction Vehicle

Claim 7.
"magnetic vortex generator, either rotating magnet or dual coil, to produce a wormhole through which low linear mass and low speed of light hyperspace."

Now the dual toroidal coils appears to be the type you previously posted. What it seems to be missing is the center solenoid, and or one which might surround it. ATG/Telos Quadra test series.

Now I was reviewing James McCambell paper on the effects of UFO's on people. Among the many things which seem to validate man made machines are the very early descriptions of chasing UFO's that have the same shape as the NS-97, and were described as emitting a firey flame from the edges. Just thought I'd post that since it's so suspiciously accurate in how it matches the supposedly un-built Northrup Saucer.

Further, the James McCambell paper is worth rereading as we gain greater understanding since what seems to have passed for alien machines now appear ever more likely to have been human made machines, only ones which no one understood at the time. Here we can see from descriptions of UFO sightings over water that a vortex funnel is involved in at least some of the vehicles propulsion systems. Again, this matches our own understanding today.

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