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That's an interesting old prostate device with an adjustable control. Never saw that before.

The quack references were pushed hard because these devices were at odds with antibiotics and other pharmaceuticals.

The cancer remedy is directly related to heat.

It's not widely known but McGee found the references way back. In areas where malaria was common, there was almost no incidences of cancer. As soon as they eradicated malaria, cancer went through the roof.

Evidently, the fevers everyone was spiking was keeping the cancer from occuring by the massive immune response from the fever. Heat by itself has been known to kill cancer cells and that is what we observed from Roger's Thermotherapy and the entire regimen used including an infrared sauna.

In Germany and other places, Thermal Therapy - placing localized heat on the body over cancerous areas shrank tumors, etc... and there are many other related therapies with the same results.

The immune system all by itself is very powerful when stimulated.

The Thermotherapy, although intended for hemhorrhoids, cured many men of prostatitis, bph and prostate cancer.

Combined with a few other modalities, liver cancer and other cancers were eliminated because of the remote effects. People with serious allergies had these eliminated by using the Thermotherapy. Much is documented in McGee's book that I referenced earlier.

The references to "quack" treatments and studies claiming heating the prostate doesn't work is pure misinformation.

Roger made one unit that was larger than a curling iron. Was used on some horses with hives. After ONE treatment, the next day, all the hives disappeared.

Roger's own dog was dying of kidney failure. After ONE treatment with the thermotherapy, the BUN levels normalized and Scamper lived for months in pretty good health and good spirits because of the overall general stimulation to the immune system and energy system.

In TCM - Traditional Chinese Medicine - the Thermotherapy stimulates the Du and Ren meridian which runs right up through the Thymus.
Aaron Murakami

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