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Okay my verdict is in. Yesterday I went all out on heat therapy.
I turned up the tub heat and stayed for 30 minutes or so in extra hot
water. Next decided to take Sunday off. Then I laid around watching
movies off my dvd player on my computer that a TV out card sends
to my set. I have been doing that for 20 years.

I also used my heater in bed that can also vibrate. It can get too hot so
I put a sock over it. You see two days before I did not have a bowel
movement properly for me because I have one twice a day working
and this is normal for me.

Eating the salt free pumpkin seeds have messed me up. They plug you
up if you get to many but I did not do that, all I eat is about 20 seeds
per day and this is the minimum natural zinc I need.

Still those little seeds mess with the tightness on your stool so after 2 days
of not going I knew I was in for an azz whipping. Sure enough with all of the
stress and eating lots of bananas it hurt to go. Not as bad as sometimes
when this first happened so I am getting better.

Thanks to everyone I talked to my state of recovery is excellent.

The green tea works great but it has caffeine that regulates the hormones
but also adds to trouble going number 2. But it helps number 1 super.

So I went half the day hangin out watching the tube sitting on the heat
you know where. After enough hours of that I sat up in my office chair
that I placed a small sofa pillow on to easy my condition.

First one side then the other I had to keep moving all over to get
comfortable but no where could I move. I leaned forward that help if
off to one side so I stayed there for a few minutes. For 30-40 minutes
I had to keep moving because it hurt to sit. So I got up and went out
to the shop for awhile.

All day I had to just hope for an easing.

It seems I heated the area so much that my prostate swelled up to the
point that unlike any other time I could feel it. Sitting was out so i went
on working for a while and then laid down when I wanted to rest.

So the heat therapy can be work. I think what it does is to force the
issue by expanding the tissue and making the circulation flow normal.

It is the next day and the pain is all gone. I do not feel like I am sitting
on a golf ball either, completely normal. Big shock, normal.

So if you do heat therapy expect to suffer up front but the end results
are great.


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