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Originally Posted by Allen Burgess View Post
Quote from "Magnetic Vortex Generator " patent:

"Two separate, but electrically connected, toroidal coils of differing radii, carry magnetic flux in opposite directions about their common centerline".

Quadra project:

The coils visibly move upward against gravity when excited:

Nail ejected from same arrangement.

I know this will seem like a joke but it's not. Remember* Never apply full power first! I don't need you teleported off world. Later might be Ok, when we have idea what's going on, but not right this second. Understand? Now along those lines, Spacecase0 turned me on to this interesting site, which involves a real case of teleportation among other possible uses: Worth looking at for a couple reasons. One reason is the antenna system mentioned in the ARV, and in the St. Clair Patents, and the other is of course the potential for teleportation. Meaning what to watch for if you want to stay here with the rest of the pathetic left overs....snort! Humor, mind you.


Teleportation: The Science Behind Bruce Gernon’s Flight

Here's a video on the experience. You will want to note what Gernon says about the tunnel he flys through at about the 1:45 mark in the video.

I only have some cheap flat magnets which have the poles on either side of the flats so that's a hold up for me right now. I'd like to make a cylinder with bar magnets arranged along spirals. One which is capable of having a secondary tube inserted inside. Bar magnets simplify the test arrangements. It would seem that the St. Clair Patent was formed around experimentation with that arrangement. Which is beginning to explain why the core tube in the ARV is likely to contain an electrically conductive gas because it will be complex enough just using magnets. Otherwise, maintaining electrical contacts by some means, while having to deal with high speed rotating charged tubes will be an involved process. An electrically conductive gas would then be the best and most reliable form of charge carrier.

As a suggestion; For a test purposes an old blender motor has relatively high speeds. I found one at a 2nd hand store so now I just need some good bar magnets.
Also I might mention here that the sources to consult for laying out spiral lines on tubes are to be found from gun barrel rifiling

*Note: The purpose of the image shown is to illustrate how to lay out a spiral twist on a tube, and how to lay out the twist rate, such as 1 twist (*rotation) in 48 inches. See that in the drawing in the left corner of the image where it shows a vertical line drawn from the centerline of the tube and going down 4 inches, and from there going once more back up to the centerline of the rear of the tube. Along that vector layout a chalk line and roll the tube over the chalk.

The PDF link shows how to make an antique barrel rifling machine, and therefore it shows how to layout and cut groves in turned wooden tube, which is information necessary for any accurate layouts of spirals on or inside of tubes, for it may be that laying out electrical lines or magnets inside a tube is better due to the rotational speeds and centrifugal forces involved.

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