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Japanese health statistics linked to high seaweed intake
The Japanese are considered one of the world's longest living people, with an extraordinarily low rate of certain types of cancer. A major dietary difference that sets Japan apart from other countries is high iodine intake, with seaweeds the most common source. Here are some astonishing Japanese health statistics, which are possibly related to their high seaweed consumption and iodine intake:

-Japanese average life expectancy (83 years) is five years longer than US average life expectancy (78 years) [41].

-In 1999 the age-adjusted breast cancer mortality rate was three times higher in the US than in Japan [42].

-Ten years after arriving in the US (in 1991), the breast cancer incidence rate of immigrants from Japan increased from 20 per 100,000 to 30 per 100,000 [43].

-In 2002 the age-adjusted rate of prostate cancer in Japan was 12.6 per 100,000, while the US rate was almost ten times as high

Japanese iodine intake from seaweed is linked to health benefits not seen in cultures with dissimilar diets. Knowing how much iodine the Japanese consume daily is beneficial for people who wish to consume equivalent amounts of iodine or seaweed supplements while avoiding excessive amounts that may adversely affect health.

Protective effect
Researchers think that the activity has a protective effect because the prostate secretes the bulk of the fluid in semen, and sexual activity may flush out cancer-causing chemicals.
Another theory is that it reduces the development of calcifications in the gland that has been linked with cancer.

Sex staves off prostate cancer | Daily Mail Online

NEW ORLEANS Good news, men: you may be able to decrease your risk for prostate cancer by ejaculating frequently, according to research presented here at American Urological Association 2015 Annual Meeting.
Medscape: Medscape Access


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