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Originally Posted by Allen Burgess View Post
I got some apparent lift this morning from the diametric magnet attached to the end of a wash tub pump motor. I initially was holding the magnet on the perpendicular to an overhead plastic dinner plate. I realized I was on the wrong plane , and when I re-tried it side ways, Lo and behold, it began to lift the plate as I pushed upwards towards it!

I need to try it again with a barrier to make sure it's not air lift, but it's an exciting result nevertheless.

I did a quick scan for information on St. Clair as a pseudonym and came up with this. ZPi | St. Clair: Hyperinventor

Full body teleportation.
and image here
Patent Images

Don't laugh....I am pretty confident this real, or something like it is. This isn't half as far fetched as some may imagine. Now then, the results of your first experiments makes sense based on the St.Clair patent below. I am studying this one now. I've posted a list of some of the St.Clair Patents. Undoubtedly there are more. Appears to be a pseudonym of some kind. So now about the results of a magnetic vortex are explained in the St. Clair Magnetic Vortex Generator.

4. In another patent application of mine entitled Magnetic Vortex Generator, it was shown that a rotating cylinder containing embedded and stacked bar magnets produces a negative mass and negative spacetime spring constant.

It can be shown that this combination produces a small wormhole or interdimensional connection between our space and hyperspace along the centerline of the rotating cylinder.

Co-dimensions of hyperspace have different physics constants. A low pressure region of hyperspace has a very low mass density and a very low speed of light.

The wormhole allows this low density hyperspace energy to enter into our space and permeate the cylinder and annular ring. The permittivity is proportional to the inverse of the speed of light squared.

The hyperspace speed of light, obtained from my tetrahedron physics diagram, is 8971 meters per second. The speed of light in our dimension is 299792458 meters per second.

As shown by the enclosed reference calculation, the hyperspace permittivity is about a trillion times larger. Because the force is equal to this new permittivity times the electric fields squared times the area around cylinder, the force is greatly amplified by this increase in the permittivity of space."

Magnetic Vortex Generator

Bobbin electromagnetic field propulsion vehicle

Electric dipole moment propulsion system

Electric dipole spacecraft

Photon spacecraft

Rotor inductance propulsion system

Hyperspace torque generator

Remote viewing amplifier

Permanent magnet propulsion system (*Battery NeoMagentic Wound Copper Wire Train as seen on Youtube) Know this one works for sure.

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