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Aaron I have not ordered yet, waiting til after the banks open.
I can't see the link on ADJUSTABLE THERM O-THERAPTHY.

Last night the heat worked miracles just as prescribed. I felt the heat
begin to releave the pain as circulation increased. I became so relaxed
each 10 minute interval that I needed to get up and go.

I slept 2-3hours at a shot instead of 1.5hours before rising in my
pattern of broken rest. It is making a huge difference. Ouch! This
thing hurts like someone kicked me right in the you know what.

I used the heater anywhere I wanted worked great. I could put that heater
on any part of my lower body down there and felt the pain go bye bye.

I read where people just use a heating pad.

Still the adjustable unit would be nice. Probes often have built in
thermo-safety sensors that are the upper limit while the control box
would give a digital readout complete with adjustable power supply.

It is a good tool to have around just like a heating pad.

If you can find an adjustable one let me know.
Maybe throw a resistor switch to lower the current?


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