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Originally Posted by Allen Burgess View Post
I covered the wash tub pump motor and neo tube magnet with a ceramic pot, and got the same lift effect on the plastic dinner plate suspended overhead; So it's definitely the magnetic vortex supplying the lift not he air draft.

The thumbnail sketch below illustrates the direction of diametric tube magnet spin and the plane of the spiraling "A" vector that projects outward away from the magnet. This spiraling field forms a "Magnetic Cushion":

The plastic plate is non-magnetic, but there's a "Lenz Effect" from the magnetic vortex that generates an electrical field. This is causing a powerful static repulsion.
I recommend trying this.

Take a pencil (graphite) and cover the pie plate by drawing on it and then repeat the test.

Depending on results there may be other possible arrangements. Mere outline of shapes and forms; pyramids, tetrahedrons, ect, or by formed shapes made with glued paper and again possibly covered once more in graphite from a pencil, or possibly without: Unknown which will serve best right now.

*NOTE: It is known that the mere drawing of an electronic circuits can effect an result.
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