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Originally Posted by Allen Burgess View Post
Here we see an ant riding on a magnetically levitated piece of pyrolytic graphite. The TR-3B hull is made from the same material and hovers over the spiraling "A' vector magnetic vortex field underneath:
I know you're right about this: It's the magnetic vortex and Pyrolytic Graphite.

About 20 or so years ago, I was flying model planes and was a member of this club which was almost completely made up of Navy Fighter Jocks and retired aerospace engineers.

So I bulit a model of the F-117 and took it to our little meeting where I was naturally required to blab about it. Well so I'm giving one my typical dangerous armchair ideas about the materials used in stealth, at that time largely unknown, and I said that I thought the fuselage was carbon fiber.

Fortunately, in a rare moments of lucidity I thought to ask a brilliant engineer named Dan Simenson what he thought.

Simenson, then in his 60's was a retired engineer whom primarily worked on spy satellites. This was a brilliant individual. Well long story short is that inside of 60 seconds we were all lost in the complexities of nuclear spin states and how this then meant that the material wasn't carbon fiber at all, rather it was a Graphite Composite, and that the Radar Waves inter-react's with the nuclear spin states of the graphite to deflect the electromagnetic waves. That is, there is a vector resulting from the incoming radar which because of the angles of the panels that make up the body of the aircraft, it's fuselage, there then is formed a reflected electromagnetic wave to another vector away from the aircraft, as opposed to being reflected directly back to the radar as with typical materials.

Well needless to say, no one other than Simenson had any idea what in hell he was talking about. Not at that time, and certainly not me, but today I can at least now gather what Dan was trying to tell all us chimps...LOL!

I suppose that most of what Dan left behind for the rest of us is still locked up vaults, but this here I post in his memory.
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